Why feed Fish4Cats?

The idea behind Fish4Cats is a very simple one- cats love the taste.  All cat owners will know how fussy cats can be and many have lots of part used bags of cat food sat in their kitchen cupboards. When developing the range we focused on creating a food that was not only healthy and met cats dietary needs but importantly they also found delicious, to beat this common problem that many cat owners have faced.

So, why feed Fish4Cats?

All the products in our range contain a high fish content, in our complete foods it is 65%, which is ideal for cats as they require high protein diets. Fish, as well as being super tasty is also nutritionally beneficial to our feline friends.  It is a high quality, easily digestible protein. Fish also contains a full range of amino acids, is highly digestible and packed full of Omega 3 which can aid skin, coat and joint condition.  Fish is also a natural source of the essential amino acid for cats, Taurine.

Included in all of our complete foods we also have the super food Algae which provides a rich and sustainable source of Omega 3 and are also made up of around 40-60% protein.  Algae can come in many different shapes and sizes, the smallest size you would need a telescope to view ranging to the larger size similar to seaweed.  As well as containing Omega 3 and 6, algae also are also full of essential amino acids which can support muscle tissue, organ health and general nervous and immune system strength.

Other exciting ingredients we use are Cranberries which can aid the health of your cat’s urinary tract and improve heart and dental health.  The addition of sweet potatoes also helps ease the passage of fur balls, as well as helping to create the feeling of being fuller for longer. Ideal for the felines, who are looking to lose a few pounds and a great deterrent for cats that have a tendency to over eat.

And for that additional treat we also created a complimentary wet food called Finest Mousse. As you would expect our mousse is full of fish, around 91%. As cats don’t have a strong thirst drive, a lot of their moisture intake comes from the foods they eat; therefore our Finest Mousse makes the ideal topper to any of our Complete Foods and can be fed on its own as a luxury treat.

We are constantly on the lookout for new product ideas and hope to expand this range in the future, creating more delicious fish products that your cats will enjoy.