My cat loves your Salmon and Mackerel dry food. He has been eating your food since Christmas and his fur is so glossy and soft. We have a very happy and healthy cat.

Mrs R Rollinson

We love Fish4Cats.  It’s a high quality product.  It keeps both our cats in tip top condition with shiny coats and clean teeth.  And whilst it’s a bit more pricey than cheaper brands, we actually find it more efficient because our cats both eat less of this food. Our cats love all the flavours of biscuits and will also drag the dog fish skins away from our dogs given half a chance!

Jane Irvine

Cara had pancreatic problems along with gastroenteritis.  She was very poorly and I nearly lost her when she was only 8 months old due to these conditions.

She was put on a royal canin prescription diet of duck and rice allutray but due to expenses, royal canin discontinued them. That is when I discovered fish4cats.

Easy to use website, orders promptly dealt with and despatched and little surprises of the fish4cats dry food samples put in with my order.

Cara has enjoyed the salmon mousse pouches but the trout is definitely her favourite. It hasn’t upset her tummy and she devours it completely.

All in all fantastic quality, regular special offers and lovely helpful staff.

Lesley Paterson

We’ve now been feeding our Bengal cats, Ziggy and Zena, the Fish4cats complete food for about a year now.  They LOVE it and recently they broke into the kitchen cupboard to steal some and we now have a bag of the food with holes in, where they have clawed their little paws through the bag!

We feed the kibble sometimes as treats, as they are far healthier than most of the dry biscuits on the market, but also everyday mixed in with their wet food.  I know they then are getting lots of nutrients from the fish and this gives me peace of mind.

Clare Ledger

Fish4Cats is a fantastic product. Both my cats (Lady Jaffa and Prince Percy) love it. The high quantity of fresh fish makes it unique. As many cat owners know, cats are fussy so finding a product that they both adore is really super. The customer service team are always fantastic with my order and really helpful. A super product that I’d recommend to all cat owners.

Lucy Smith

Both of my cats absolutely love all of the flavours. Ollie was always being sick with other foods but not any more. He is now back to being a happy healthy playful cat. Changing to Fish4Cats was the best thing I could have done for him.

Mrs Sue Moore

My senior kitty loved this! Goldie’s Cat Rescue took in a senior kitty who had really bad problems with her mouth. This food was very gentle on her stomach and also was great for her sensitive mouth. She told me it was very yummy too!

Miss Ehren Gerrard

Purrfect! This was enjoyed by my cats and also by two cats that a neighbour had abandoned and whom I have been feeding ever since.


Great food! My cat (18 years old and a bit fussy) loves this stuff. It is quite smelly, but I think that makes it more appealing to him. I was impressed by the list of ingredients, and he seems to be doing quite well on it.