Fish4Cats is a range of food for cats made from Fish. Cats love the tastes and aromas of Fish, making Fish4Cats a healthy and delicious meal.


Fish is a wonderful protein – easily digestible, making it gentle on your cat’s tummy and relatively low in saturated fats and sugars.

Fish is a superb source of naturally occurring Omega 3 – great for coat, skin and joints. From the creators of the popular Fish4Dogs range of dog food and treats.

Paws off dogs! This is for cats only!


Fish is good so our Fish4Cats range of complete foods has a high fish content with 65% fish, including 22% fresh fish giving added tastiness.


Added algae, cranberries and carefully balanced minerals and amino acids.

With functional & slow fermenting fibres from sweet potato

Fish4Cats dinners are available in three delicious fishy flavours; salmon, sardine and mackerel in 400g and 1.5kg bags.

Fish4Cats Mousse comes in two fabulously fishy flavours – salmon and trout.

We have a deliciously fishy range of Finest wet cat food in nine tasty flavours.

Where to Buy

UK Customer? Purchase any of our products from our online shop. Fish4Cats is also available through our distributor network in many countries worldwide.



UK Customers can visit our online shop to buy any of our products and find out about any special offers.

Feed fish and see the difference

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Another fish-tastic successful re-homing story at Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter. Nellie's new owner talks about her new feline friend....
"Nellie has now started to go out in our enclosed garden - she doesn’t go far and definitely not up to scaling fences but she obviously loves being outside! She has certainly calmed down a lot and now shows her very loving side. She sleeps on our bed at night and seems extremely happy. We love her loads and are so pleased we have persisted even though she’s known as Biffa Nells! Here’s a pic of her chilling out. Thanks again for bringing Nellie into our lives and I hope you are continuing to find loving homes for cats and dogs alike with the wonderful work you do."
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