About Fish4Cats

Fish4Cats is a relatively new brand and is part of the Fish4Dogs Company.  You may have heard of us but if not please allow us to give you a brief history.  Fish4Dogs has been in business since 2007 and for several years has focused on feeding many dogs with lots of tasty and nutritious fish recipes and treats.  Fish4Dogs aren’t a massive company and the group of people we have working in our team all share the same values, beliefs and aims.

However, Fish4Dogs are not just dog lovers but also avid cat fanatics too leading to the birth of our range of fish products for cats, Fish4Cats. In fact, many members of our staff also have some feline friends at home- you will notice they get mentioned quite a lot on this website and through our social media.

Just like Fish4Dogs, Fish4Cats believe fish really is the cat’s whiskers and we know that fish is super beneficial to our cats and their health as well as being something that the majority of cats (even the fussy ones!) love.

Similar to our beliefs behind Fish4Dogs, we want to know we are feeding the very best to our cats and that their dietary requirements are being met without the need to put lots of hidden nasties in their food.  You will notice when looking around our website and reading about the products in our range- they are all free from grain, preservatives and colourings. Our products instead are full of fish and other tasty ingredients such as sweet potato, algae and cranberries that your cat will love.

Welcome to the Fish4Cats Family…